4 Tips to Start Creating More Art That You Like

4 Tips to Start Creating More Art That You Like

Here I am, writing a blog for other small artists. But really, it’s for myself too.

I know a lot of artists and creators out there struggle with this same challenge – creating art that you like rather than what others enjoy. After years of creating art, sometimes you find something that really resonates with your audience and resonates with you… at the time.

Yet we’re creatives. We love to create and explore new things all the time.

Doom-scrolling Instagram and becoming overwhelmed by influencers telling us that the only way to succeed on social media is to have a “niche.” 

And then, we create what does well, and what aligns with our “brand.”

But this can lead to burnout and creating overly high expectations for ourselves, and that every post we make has to do better than the other. 

So how can one get around this creative burnout?

Step 1: Stop Overthinking Your Work

Blue banner with cartoon of man with frazzled thoughts and text reading "Stop Overthinking Your Work"

Will this piece get enough views? 

Am I pricing my art too high?

Will anyone ever buy one of my creations?

If you think you’re the only one with these thoughts – you’re not alone. These are all thoughts that small artists have when starting out. And they can easily start intruding on your creative mind, especially with the influences of social media, friends, and family. 

I find that finding your community of fellow artists and people who will support your work is crucial, and will help you keep going, even when you’re feeling low. 

Step 2: Don’t be a Slave to the Algorithm

Text reading "Don't be a Slave to the Algorithm" on a blue banner with social media icons

The dreaded algorithm.

All small artists know it well and tries their best to get on its good side.

But serving it at the cost of burnout or work you’re not passionate about isn’t worth it. Yes, you need to post consistently to build an audience, but if posting every day is actually impacting the work you create, then it’s not worth it. 

Find what works for you. Maybe challenge yourself to a month of posting daily, and if that’s too much, try scaling back to 5 days, and go from there.

If that’s too intimidating, try 2-3 times a week, and then see how that fits with your lifestyle and schedule. 

All you need to do is start. 

Step 3: Take a Breather

"Take a Breather" text on a blue banner with the image of someone relaxing in a chair

Your art isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the majority of your audience. It’s not do or die if you take some time to think about what you really want to create. 

In fact, taking a step back can help you organize your thoughts, plan out what you want from your art, and maybe even give you the headspace to build a business plan or plan out a social strategy.

You can always come back, and you can always start again. 

Step 4: Talk to Someone

"Talk to Someone" text is on a blue banner with an image of three people sitting and talking to each other

Sometimes being a small artist can feel really isolating. Talking to someone, whether it’s a friend, family member, or colleague, about your work can help bring back that inspiration of what you love. 

Even personally, when I’ve felt lost with my content or concerned I’m not following a “niche”, I’d be able to sort it out with a friend and realize that my content is my content, and that’s what they’re following for. A bit of me, a bit of art, a bit of crafts, and a bit of silliness. 

That’s what I want to create, and that’s what people are coming for!

Start Creating Art You Love

If you want to start creating art that you love, the answer isn’t complicated. What’s important to remember is that most people are following you for you, not just that one thing you’re working on. 

Humans are multi-faceted beings, and it’s silly to expect one constant type of content from a creator for months or even years. 

Feel free to share with me your creations and what inspires you on Instagram, or leave a comment down below!

Also, I'll be at the Brampton Summer Artist Market on July 15 at the Rose Theatre - come by to say hi and see some amazing local artists!

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